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Comments about Pedagogy/Plagiarism Panel

2012 RIT Faculty Institute on Teaching and Learning
Plagiarism Policing or Pedagogy: Teaching Research Based Writing in the Age of Copy and Paste

Paulette Swartzfager, Dianna Winslow, Shelly Jansen, Lara Nicosia

This panel presentation addressed the risks and opportunities for teaching research papers at a time when information is easily accessible and authorship devalued. Panelists led a discussion about recent studies of copy/paste habits, technologies like Turnitin designed to find plagiarism, and best practices for teaching research and writing. Panelists involved participants in an honest discussion on how to approach research paper assignments in a way that enhances the students’ ownership of their work and allows them to demonstrate critical thinking abilities.

This blog is a continuation of the conversation begun at the FITL Conference 2012.

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